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Slowest Cities For Driving Revealed!


Urban driving can be challenging and there’s a lot to contend with when you hit the city streets, perhaps more so than when you’re happily coasting along on the motorway… and one of the toughest aspects of driving in a city is the speed at which you’re forced to go.


It can be very slow going indeed, although it seems that not all cities are created equal when it comes to driving speed and some are certainly more congested than others. It’s bad news for drivers in London, for example, with new research from TomTom revealing that our nation’s great capital is in fact the slowest city in the world to drive in.


According to the BBC, it took an average of 36 minutes and 20 seconds to travel 6.2 miles through London centre in 2022, nearly two minutes slower than in 2021.


In second place was Bengaluru in India (29 minutes and ten seconds), Dublin in Ireland (28 minutes and 30 seconds) and Sapporo in Japan (27 minutes and 40 seconds).


Commenting on the findings, TomTom’s Andy Marchant said: “Due to the configuration of the road network in central London, travel times even without traffic are some of the highest in the world. This doesn't mean that London is the most congested city in the world.


“However, there is a clear link between increased traffic congestion and London's slowest average speed in 2022.”


Whether you’re driving in London or another cityscape, you can make it easier for yourself by planning the best route possible, avoiding busy junctions at peak traffic times and doing your best to relax, stay calm and remain confident in your ability to drive, even in the most congested of conditions.


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