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Scrap Car Valuation With Car Buying Solutions


Scrap Car Valuation


Have you ever wondered what the scrap value of your car is? Have you got a non-runner stuck outside your house, garage or workplace? Keep reading to determine your vehicle's accurate scrap valuation with Car Buying Solutions.



How Much Is My Car Worth Scrap? 


It's a question we always get asked and one we are always happy to answer. 

By entering your registration, we can give you an accurate price for your scrap vehicle. We base your vehicle price on the weight your vehicle manufacturer provides, but it continues beyond there.


Alloy wheels add extra value to your scrap car price. We also pay extra if your car has a genuine catalytic converter. 


Sometimes your vehicle's worth may be more than our quote tool gives you online. 

An older car running and driving could be worth significantly more than a 2008 registered car.


You're probably wondering why. 

Let us explain.


Older cars are usually lighter than newer vehicles because of new safety features and strengthened areas. A 2000 Vauxhall Corsa is much smaller and lighter than a 2015 Vauxhall Corsa.


This would make the 2015 Vauxhall Corsa worth more in scrap. Still, the older Vauxhall Corsa may have changed to a classic car status, meaning we could pay you more as the parts are more valuable, or we could save it and send it to the auction.


If you've got an older car, call us first on 03301 229829. This way, we can ask the relevant questions and give you a better price, which means you could sell your car instead of scrapping it.


Does The Scrap Car Valuation Change? 


Recycling centres like ours monitor scrap metal prices throughout the day because metal prices get heavily influenced by the economy and market conditions. Your price may change daily. Luckily for you, we hold your scrap car price for seven days. If the market takes a tumble, we can still collect your scrap car for the original price.


Can I Get Cash For My Scrap Car?


The scrap metal dealers act 2013 doesn't allow Authorised Treatment facilities to scrap a car for cash. Instead, we take your bank account details and pay it into your chosen account instantly.

It might sound frustrating if you haven't scrapped a car for many years, but the scrap metal dealers act got introduced to combat the rising metal theft.


Why Choose Car Buying Solutions For My Scrap Car Valuation?


Choosing a scrap car collection company like Car Buying Solutions guarantees you a fair price for your old car. We offer free collection and instant payment as standard. Our trained drivers run through the paperwork with you and help you complete the V5C online.


When scrapping a car, the V5C is an essential part of the transaction. If it doesn't get completed properly, you could end up paying road tax, DVLA fines, speeding, and parking tickets.


As a responsible scrap car collection service, we provide all customers with a collection receipt. If requested, we will forward a certificate of destruction.

If you still need clarification or have questions regarding your scrap car valuation, please call our friendly team on 03301 229829.


How Can I Get The Best Scrap Car Valuation?


By coming to recycling company's directly instead of going through scrap car comparison websites you are guaranteed to get a better valuation for your scrap car.

Scrap car comparison websites charge scrap car buyers up to £30.00 per vehicle they send through, unfortunately due to small profit margins within the vehicle recycling industry this will lower the valuation you will receive.


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Check out our most popular scrap car valuation areas near you. 


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