Why Choose Car Buying Solutions? 





Why Choose Us ?


Here at Car Buying Solutions, were dedicated to providing our customers with a scrap car collection service that is simple and hassle-free to use. We offer free collection all over Hampshire and West Sussex, or if you want it done the same day, you can drop the car at one of our local depots. 


We could tell you about Car Buying Solutions all day, but what would you want from a scrap car collection company? 



  • Guaranteed Prices
  • Best price for your scrap car
  • Instant payments 
  • Your scrap car recycled at a registered ATF
  • A certificate of destruction 
  • Simple, Hassle-free service
  • Assitance with all of the DVLA paperwork
  • Free scrap car collection. 



We Guarantee All Prices 


Every price we give you is guaranteed for seven days. We only offer prices we will happily pay and won't ever haggle on the price when we arrive. We ask that your vehicle be complete with four wheels and that no parts be removed. 



We Collect Scrap Cars That Others Won't 



Has the car been parked up for a few years? Maybe you lost the keys and can't get the car out of the drive. It doesn't matter what the situation is here at Car Buying Solutions. We have an experienced team of office staff and drivers that guarantee to get the job done, and we've collected scrap vehicles from lakes, farms and an alpaca farm! 



Instant Payments 



We don't follow the industry standard; we go the extra mile, which means you get paid instantly. Industry standards are from 24-48 hours up to 5days! That's another excellent reason to choose Car Buying Solutions to scrap your vehicle. 



We Complete All The Paperwork For You 



Something we love doing is making sure you are delighted when scrapping an old car. Our drivers will fill out the v5c document and explain what you need to do next. If you are still unsure when the driver leaves, we have a dedicated scrap car team that can answer any questions and even go through the online process with you over the phone.  



Best Prices For Your Scrap Car 



We aim to quote you the best price for your scrap vehicle in your area. If you have received a better quote elsewhere, please email it, and we will try our best to beat it and give you the best price for your scrap car. 



Free Scrap Car Collection 



Car Buying Solutions doesn't charge you any collection fees. We don't charge you any extra cost for collection, be careful with other scrap car collection companies not offering free collection. Sometimes the fees get hidden in the small print, and your offered price is lower before you know it. 



Your Scrap Car Recycled at a registered ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility)



By choosing Car Buying Solutions, you are guaranteed that your vehicle will be scrapped at a registered ATF. We care about the planet and make sure every vehicle is recycled, and all fluids are correctly disposed of to protect the local environment. If you don't use a registered ATF, An unregistered scrap car company might not recycle your scrap car correctly.


Find out more about a registered ATF here.



Certificate Of Destruction 



Working with registered ATFs means the vehicle is correctly destroyed and taken off DVLA's database. Only registered ATFs can supply you with a certificate of destruction. 



A Simple Hassle-Free Service 



So you are happy with the price you've been quoted, now it's time to arrange the collection! 

We pick a scrap car collection time that suits you. We give you a 1-hour time window when we will arrive, meaning you are not sitting there all day waiting. When we arrive, the driver will take care of the paperwork for you, and your payment is instantly transferred into your bank account. Your vehicle gets loaded onto the car transporter and comes back to the site. 

We guarantee you won't find a scrap car collection company that operates as quickly and efficiently as Car Buying Solutions.