Why Choose Car Buying Solutions? We pay the best scrap car prices in Hampshire!



We understand that when you’re in need of a scrap car buyer, you don’t just want the highest offer. You want one that stands behind its commitment, accepts all kinds of vehicles, and takes away the hassle.


Here’s some things we know you want when scrapping a car!



  • The best scrap car prices


  • A company that collects any car regardless of the make and model


  • Your car disposed of legally


  • A Certificate Of Destruction


  • All paperwork filled out for you


  • Guaranteed scrap car prices and instant payments.


If a company could check all of those boxes, you'd be ready to sell, right? Then we have wonderful news for you: Car Buying Solutions does all of that and more. In fact, there are at least ten reasons to scrap your car properly through CBS.


We Provide Outstanding Instant Quotes


Our fast online prices are among the most competitive on the market, and every offer gives Free collection.


We solely choose the most competitive Authorised Treatment Facilities, allowing us to offer prices that very few firms can match. Caution! If other websites appear to be offering more than Car Buying Solutions, read the terms and conditions - the price will almost certainly drop when collection/delivery fees are factored in.


The Price Your Quoted Is The Price You Get When We Collect


Car Buying Solutions only presents the final price - no hidden charges. As long as the car has everything and no parts removed, the scrap price you see is the scrap price you will receive. We believe that this honest and open method is effective for you. Let's face it: no one enjoys the unexpected experience like an unexpected cost.


All of our quick online quote and price offers include totally free scrap car collection. It doesn't matter if we collect from your house, business, or anyplace else as long as we have access to the vehicle.


Recycling Your Car Legally


Car Buying Solutions takes scrap car removal extremely serious. As a result, we only use responsible ATFs who have been registered with the authorities. Companies should depollute then recycle the car in line with stringent guidelines in order to keep their licences (set by the Environment Agency).


You can be certain that when you sell your scrap car to Car Buying Solutions , it'll be recycled legally and responsibly.


We Put You In Control


Before we founded Car Buying Solutions, we planned to create a new scrap car company capable of providing clients something they want - fantastic prices as well as the courteous, efficient customer care seen in other professions. To do just that, we understood we would have to follow the rules, set new standards, & listen to our clients.


Now, the approach stays the same: we succeed by providing you with the finest scrap car selling experience possible.


How Much Will We Pay You? 


What do you think of this as a win - win? Car Buying Solutions can purchase your scrap car now for a fixed, guaranteed amount and free collection. The price is primarily determined by tonnage and will be one of, if not the, best price offered scrap car.