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Scrap My Car For Cash

Get an instant scrap car quote today. 

You might of been thinking for a long time that you need to scrap your old car on the drive, it's been collecting dust now for months and the spiders have now moved it and natures starting to take over your car. Scrapping a car is not exactly a fun filled task and it usually is time consuming, but what if we told you scrapping a car is really simple with Car Buying Solutions? You might be wondering how we make it so simple, or possibly thinking that this is just another scrap car company that makes scrapping a car difficult. Think again! Our car scrapping process is done in 3 easy steps, you don't need to mess around trying to arrange transport to your nearest scrap yard, you don't even need to leave the house. We take care of the whole process from start to finish, we are dedicated to providing you with a scrap car collection service that is hassle free and simple to arrange. 

How Can I Scrap My Car 

We would fill you with the minute by minute process but that would be a bit boring for you to read and not really enjoyable. How you can scrap your car with Car Buying Solutions is done in 3 simple steps and it all starts from the moment you come here. The first step is entering the details of your vehicle in our online quote form at the top of this page, you will then be given an instant quote which you receive on your screen and an SMS is also sent to you with your scrap car quote. If you are happy with your scrap car price you can accept on the web page or by simply replying "YES" to your SMS you will then be engaged in a conversation with one of our scrap car experts. Once you have accepted your quote a suitable collection time and date is arranged. Your scrap car is then collected by one of our friendly scrap car collection drivers. Putting it in terms that we all love our process is QUOTE - ACCEPT - GET PAID.

How Much Is My Scrap Car Worth?

We would love to tell you the exact price right here but sadly it is impossible so let us explain. Every scrap car price is different and that's down to each vehicle manufacturer making every vehicle different including weights and specs. Our scrap car quote database searches your vehicle details from your reg and gives you your scrap car worth in seconds. Just giving you an example here if you own a Ford Mondeo 2005 2.0 TDCI Titanium your scrap car price would be £155.00 Collected, You were searching to scrap my car and owned a Ford KA 1.3 1999 your scrap car price would be £70 collected. These are examples and the prices of scrap cars change daily so please use our quote form to get an accurate quote.

Scrap My Car 

You will be pleased to know that our scrap my car service covers the South East of England and you can check all of our scrap my car locations here. We can usually get to most locations on the same day but if we have busy periods we usually aim to collect your scrap car on the following day, this also depends on your availability because you could have other plans. If you require a scrap car collection done out of hours our scrap car experts are always happy to assist and our drivers are usually more than happy to work some overtime.

Scrap My Car For The Best Price

Getting the best scrap car price is important for anyone but it's not always possible with scrap car comparison websites. Car Buying Solutions don't just deal with one company when it comes to selling the metals that we buy, this gives us the advantage on the prices we can offer you for your scrap car. So when your looking for the best scrap car price you can be confident that the price we give you is one of the best and a genuine price, by that we mean most scrap my car companies offer you a very attractive price online but when they arrive they quickly start haggling on the price and usually leave you feeling dissapointed and under pressure to accept the lower price. 

Can I Scrap My Car Today?

If you need to scrap your car today please call our scrap car experts on 03301 229829. We can usually help you get your scrap car collected on the same day depending on your location and your flexibility. If you need to scrap your car today due to financial reasons don't panic our payments are made instantly when the driver arrives.

We Offer Guaranteed Scrap Car Prices 

As we mentioned previously haggling is a common tactic for scrap car buyers to get your business when in reality all it does is ruin your views on companies that buy scrap cars. Every price we quote you is a guaranteed price and covered by our price promise guarantee, every scrap car price quoted is based on the price we will pay so if you accept it you are guaranteed to get it. We won't arrive and haggle with you, our drivers and staff members are targeted on customer satisfaction and not how cheap they can get a vehicle for, happy customers are returning customers and happy customers also recommend us to friends and family. Put your trust back in a company that offer the best scrap car prices and puts you first. 

Getting paid for your scrap car is the most important part of the scrap car process for you so naturally you are going to have some questions. 

How Long Until I Get Paid? 

Instantly! when we arrive our driver phones through to our automated payment line and they transfer the money straight into your bank account. 

Can I Scrap My Car For Cash

Sadly not anymore, it is now illegal to pay cash for scrap cars but we pay you instantly into your bank account. Not hours or days it usually hits your account within seconds. 

Does it matter if i don't have my logbook?  

We do like for you to have the registration document because it's needed to inform the DVLA that you have scrapped the vehicle, we give you a collection receipt when we arrive to collect your vehicle and a certificate of destruction is issued once your vehicle is back in our scrap yard. You need these to let the DVLA know that your vehicle has been scrapped if you don't have the V5C. 

I have lost my car keys does it matter? 

Aslong as you have valid I.D when our scrap car collection driver arrives then no it just makes a mess if we have to smash a window to gain entry. Our drivers don't carry brushes to sweep any broken glass so you would need to take this into consideration before arranging a scrap car collection. 

scrap my car

Car Buying Solutions Scrap My Car.

We are proud to offer our customers a scrap my car service which is friendly, reliable and hassle free. We aim to collect your scrap car within 24 hours of booking and pay you instantly at the time of collection. Our customers and staff are the most important parts of our business so we work hard with our drivers, scrap car experts and customers to make sure everyone is happy and if they aren't then we would love to know how we can improve. Call our office free on 03301 229829 if you have any scrap car questions. 

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