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Get the best scrap car prices in seconds with Car Buying Solutions..... You can scrap your car today by calling 03301 229829.


1. Get The Best Scrap Car Prices


2. No admin fee's or hidden charges


3. Free scrap car collection

Scrap My Car

You no longer have to call around all the local scrappage yards trying to find the best deal for your scrap car. Now you can get paid whilst for freeing up a parking space all from the comfort of your living room. Whether your vehicle is a non-runner, accident damaged or no longer needed, Car Buying Solutions can take care of it for you with our hassle free scrap car collection service. 

Guaranteed Prices 

Every scrap car quote given on our site is guaranteed and you'll get the exact price you are quoted. The only requirement is that you accurately described your vehicle.

Free Collection

When you scrap your car with us, you'll get free collection included. You don't need to take your car to the scrap yard or worry about collection fee's.

Scrap Car Questions

We have UK based scrap car experts ready to take your call on 03301 22 98 29 (free phone) to help you through the car scrapping process. 

How Do I Scrap My Car For Money? 

scrap my car for money

On average each year around 1 million vehicles are scrapped in the UK. Whether your looking to upgrade your vehicle for a newer model, or find yourself facing expensive repairs after a failed MOT test or car accident, you can often end up without a car and stressed with the hassle of arranging to dispose of your old vehicle, but thats where Car Buying Solutions come in. 


We have a large coverage in the South East of England and your vehicle will be disposed of correctly at a registered ATF. We constantly check our prices against comparison websites to make sure you are getting the best quote for your car, all you need to do is provide your vehicle reg and we do the rest.


Your vehicle information is then priced on our scrap car database and we give you the guaranteed amount that we will pay. Our standards are high and we offer the most professional vehicle disposal service in the South. 


Every quote given on our website is guaranteed which means aslong as your vehicle has been accurately described we will never negotiate the price at the point of collection. There are no hidden fee's and we offer free collections so the price you get quoted is the price you will receive. 



scrap my car

We collect over 10,000 scrap vehicles anually


Since 1994 we've gained years of experience collecting scrap vehicles accross the South East of England.  We have used our experience to create a scrap car process which is simple to use and hassle free for our customers. We don't just buy scrap cars and vans we also buy damaged vehicles or vehicles with outstanding finance, which means you will get more for it than it's scrap weight. To find out how much your car is worth scrap just complete our simple quote form. Once you have input your details our site will generate a quote for you. If you have any questions about your quote, or you would like to know more about the scrappage process you can call our scrap car experts on 03301 22 98 29.

Scrapping a car 

scrapping a car

Scrapping a car can seem like a long winded boring process but it's actually hassle free and easy to do. You might consider scrapping a car if it's failed the yearly MOT test, been involed in an accident or it's costing too much to keep going. Scrapping a car provides a great option to free up a parking space and add some extra money to your bank account. 

 How Do I Recieve Payment For Scrapping My Car? 

payment for scrapping my car

Our payment terms are simple. When we arrive you will recieve instant payment before your car is loaded onto our vehicle transporter. We pay via bank transfer into the bank account details you provide. Due to the scrap metal dealers act we can no longer offer cash payments for scrap vehicles. 

Reasons you might consider scrapping a car.

There are multiple reasons you could consider scrapping a car, we have listed the most common reasons below: 


Engine Failure

Gearbox Failure

Accident Damaged

Damaged Suspension 

MOT Failure 

Needs Welding 

Uneconomical repairs


You might have positive reasons for scrapping a car too. Such as:


Buying a new vehicle 

Freeing up a parking space 

Bought a classic that needs the garage back!


If this is your first time scrapping a car due to any of the reasons above it can be quite daunting, not knowing what steps to take next can leave you feeling overwhelmed. We deal with vehicles in all conditions daily, our staff members are sympathetic towards the troubles and heartache of scrapping your vehicle. All of our staff members are a valuable asset as they know the industry like the back of their hand. 

Does Scrapping My Car Impact The Environment? recycling my car

It' s a common thought when you scrap your old car. Your vehicle get's put into a crusher and squashed into a small cube and then the metal is recycled and made into more cars, washing machines and anything else manufactured with metal. However the process is a lot more intricate than that. Scrapping cars has a balanced impact on the environment, it takes older vehicles off the road with dangerous emission levels which is positive for the environment but sadly it does also use energy to recycle the vehicles. 

However just because a vehicle has reached the end of it's life it doesn't mean it has to be scrapped straight away. It may still hold value in it's parts which will help keep other vehicles of the same make and model on the road. 

Because the sites we use are registered ATF's other elements get taken into account, fluids such as coolant , oil and fuels get recycled differently to alloy wheels and the battery. Authorised Treatment Facilities follow government guidelines when scrapping and recycling vehicles. 

We're The Best Place To Scrap A Car For Moneyrecycling my car

Since 1994 Car Buying Solutions has spent years becoming a scrap car collection company known for it's amazing service and best scrap car prices which means you can rely on us to give you the best scrap car price for your old vehicle. We have a dedicated and experienced team, and a scrap car network of ATF's where we can take your vehicle to be recycled. We cover the South East of England and buy scrap cars from all these LOCATIONS. Car Buying Solutions not only offer the best scrap car prices, we also offer the best service in the scrap car industry. 

What Areas Do You Cover?

We don't offer nationwide collection but you can recycle your scrap car or insurance write-offs at our branches here





Rowlands Castle




West Witterings

East Witterings

Waltham Chase







Want more information on the make/models we buy?

We want all makes and models but you can find out more here



If you want to keep up with the latest scrap car news follow us on Facebook or Twitter 

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