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Car Buying Solutions is a Scrap My Car specialist, we are a scrap car collection company that work hard to provide our customers with a service which makes you happy to recommend us to friends or family and know that they will get an amazing service too. 


When your scrapping a car or selling a damaged vehicle It can be made needlessly complicated by paperwork, arranging delivery, tyre kickers, hidden charges and non-obvious decisions about which service to trust. We started Car Buying Solutions to take the hassle out of Scrapping your car, van or motorbike and make selling, scrapping or salvaging your old car with us completely hassle free. 

Scrap My Car Near Me 

If your looking for a local scrap car company then you have come to the right place we cover the majority of Southern England. We collect scrap cars daily in these LOCATIONS but if you are unsure then please give our scrap car experts a call free on 03301 229829

Scrap My Car Instant Quote 

Car Buying Solutions personalises every quote for you meaning you will get the best instant scrap car quotes. When the time comes to scrap your trusty car you will usually call around the local scrappage companies which is time consuming. By using our scrap my car form you get a free no obligation quote for your car. No waiting around just an instant scrap my car quote.

Scrap Car Prices 

Scrap car prices change daily with the fluctuating market prices but it's never usually much and companies like us usually take the rough with the smooth so if the price of steel drops by £10 per ton we usually keep the price the same. 

Scrap car removal is what we do best, when you have accepted your quote and arrange collection with us we will send out one of our scrap car removal trucks to get your car. You don't need to worry about getting your car to the scrap yard we offer a free scrap car removal service. 


Personal Support 

Our friendly UK Scrap car experts take away the guesswork, Call our team on 03301 229 829 (free on most phones) to get a quote or ask us a question.

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Guaranteed Prices 

Don't get caught out by hidden charges or time wasters. Our company guarantee your scrap car price and we frequently check the market to makesure our prices are some of the highest. 

Scrap My Car

Free Collection 

No hassle, no nonsense. Get free and convenient collection. From work, home or a garage. We collect 100's of scrap vehicles every month.

Scrap Your Car The Simple Way by Choosing Car Buying Solutions

As one of the longest serving companies in the UK for buying scrap and damaged vehicles we work very closely with our customers to give you the very best prices when you scrap your car or sell your damaged car. Over the last 20 years we have built a scrap car company which puts the customer first all over the country. 

Our Scrap and salvage car buying teams are committed to giving all of our cusotmers a high level of service and we frequently get feedback from our customers on ways we could improve our service to ensure all of our customers have a great experience with us. We frequently monitor scrap car prices to make sure you are getting the best price.

Any Make, Any Model, Any Condition. 

We're proud to offer our scrap car buying service for any vehicle, we understand the value in an ELV (end of life vehicle) damaged or unwanted vehicle. 

  • Guaranteed Prices - We won't haggle at collection 
  • Official Paperwork Sorted At Collection 
  • We Quote on any make and model regardless of condition 
  • Responsible and Environment Agency approved vehicle recycling
  • Best prices for damaged and commercial vehicles too
  • Free collection on a time and day that suits you
Scrap My Sick Car With Car Buying Solutions


Visit the Gov website here on what you need to scrap your car.

Scrap My Car .gov Link 




Notify The Dvla That You Have Scrapped/Sold Your Car.

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Retain your personalised Registration Number Here.Scrap My Car  Personalised Reg Link 

What Happens To My Car When it Is Scrapped

The process of scrapping a car is made up of multiple stages which are amazing to watch. When a scrap car is purchased by companies like us we first strip the vehicles of any salvageable parts which helps keep other vehicles on the road. As soon as the vehicle is ready it is then fed into our car baler which crushes the vehicle into a cube around the size of 4 washing machines. Our transport department then move 30+ bales over to our frag machine which then chops all the metal into sizes no bigger than a pint glass. 

All the frag feed from old scrap cars is then loaded into 40 ft containers and taken to the dockyard where the second process starts. The metals then get smelted down and re-used making new cars, washing machines, cookers and any other appliance which is steel! 

Recycling vehicles is what helps keep the world moving, every year around 1 million cars are scrapped which makes that around 3 million tons of scrap vehicles. You would be pleased to know that around 86% of your scrap car is recycled and re-used, larger companies in the UK have now made use of plastics and other items which we used to consider as waste and found a recycling process for them which further helps the environment. 

By using Car Buying Solutions your vehicle is guaranteed to be recycled and 86% of its parts re-used and made into new items or even helping a fellow motorist keep their vehicle on the road, the small things matter the most in the scrap car industry and that's why Car Buying Solutions recycle and re-use any parts which are salvagable, all of our team and directors appretiate that we only have one planet, many things which are deemed as waste are usually sent to landfill which is harmful to the environment. By recycling we are all doing our bit to help battle climate change and stopping the use of our worlds precious resources. 

We are a Green scrap my car company that have made the change by using electric vehicles in our fleet as much as possible.