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Get a quote with Car Buying Solutions, we will pay up to £500 For Scrap Cars. 

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The days of trawling through scrapyards in search of the best price for your scrap car are over. Now you can earn money while reserving that parking space from the convenience of your own home. Whether your vehicle has been involved in an accident, is a non-runner, has failed an inspection, or is simply no longer required, the team at Car Buying Solutions can take care of it for you.

Scrapping My Car For Money 


Every year, almost 1.5 million cars are scrapped. Whether customers are looking to upgrade their vehicle to a newer model, or find themselves facing expensive repairs after a car accident or failed MOT test, they frequently end up without transportation and stressed when faced with the hassle of having to dispose of the car, but that is where our dedicated and experienced team come in. 


We offer the fastest way to compare prices and get the best quote for your car, with a nationwide network of waste sites and salvage buyers. All you need to do is submit a few details about your vehicle so that we can assess whether it is salvageable or should be scrapped. 


Your vehicle's information is then entered into our network of the best scrap and salvage buyers throughout the country. We hold each of our buyers to the highest standards and provide the most comprehensive vehicle disposal service in the industry, as seen by our glowing reviews.



All Car Buying Solutions quotes are guaranteed, which means that as long as the vehicle is accurately described, we will never haggle the price down at the point of collection. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees since we all operate on a free collection basis, so the price you are offered is the price you will receive. 


We've been organising scrap and salvage collections across the UK since 1994, and we've learned a lot along the way. We used our experience to build a simple and efficient approach for our customers. Aside from scrap cars, our team also buys damaged vehicles, which are generally referred to as salvage vehicles in the UK vehicle industry. Salvaged vehicles can be given a new lease on life by being repaired and returned to the road, or they can be utilised for parts, which means that if your vehicle is qualified, it could be worth significantly more than its scrap value.


Simply fill out our simple quote form to find out how much your car is worth for scrap. Once you've entered your vehicle's information, our website will run a price check via our network of purchasers and generate an instant quote for you. If you'd like to discuss the generated quote in greater depth, please call or request a call back from one of our car scrapping experts at 03301 229829.

Scrapping A Car 


Scrapping a car may appear to be a difficult process, but it is actually rather simple and straightforward. Scrapping is a great choice if your car has failed its MOT, has been damaged in a crash, or is just no longer financially viable to keep running. It comes as no surprise that these are the most common reasons for people to consider scrapping a car. 

Getting a good deal on your car has never been easier.



So, what is the procedure for scrapping a car? 


We've perfected the process to make it as simple and quick as possible, to the point where our customers frequently comment on how easy it was to scrap their car.


We've broken it down into two simple steps: 


locating a scrap car buyer 


The first step is to find the right buyer.


Customers may have previously been charged for vehicle removal, and some existing companies have been known to charge hidden collection fees, but we ensure that our buyers are honest in all aspects of their service. Not only do our buyers pick up your vehicle for free, but the quote you accept is the one you'll get. There are no hidden costs or collection fees; it's just car scrapping simplified. 


So, what happens if my car isn't worth scrapping? 

We've also taken care of that. We are able to offer a free collection service from you to take your vehicle to the nearest Government Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) and recycle it for you because of our close relationships with our buyers. Although, in the vast majority of cases, you should be paid for your vehicle if it is complete and has not been dismantled. 


What is the best way to find out how much my scrap car is worth? 


Simply fill out our simple quote form with your vehicle registration number and postcode. Our system will then compare scrap and salvage prices from a nationwide network of buyers to ensure you get the best deal for your vehicle. 


Step 2: Payment & Collection 


Our team will contact you once you have accepted the quote to go over everything with you and answer any questions you may have. Our buyers will contact you to schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you. Our buyers will always ensure that the vehicle is collected from a location and on a date that is mutually convenient to both parties, as long as the vehicle is accessible by a recovery vehicle. Whether it's on your own driveway, a nearby road, a nearby garage, or even further away. Your vehicle may be collected without you present in some circumstances; however, this varies from buyer to buyer and is discussed on a case-by-case basis. 


getting money for your scrap cars 


What is the procedure for receiving payment for scrapping my car? 


Payment terms vary by collector, but in most cases, you will be paid immediately after collection. The majority of our collectors pay via instant bank transfers, but business cheques are also a well-known and widely accepted method of payment in the industry. Our customers' safety is paramount, and as a result of recent legislation, our buyers do not allow cash transactions for scrapped or dismantled vehicles.

If your thinking of scrapping your car locally let us give you a quote. 


We guarantee all of our prices aslong as your vehicle is complete with no missing parts. 


scrapping my car

Top 10 Reasons Why People Consider Scrapping a car. 

The reasons for scrapping a car vary, however some of the more typical ones include: 



  • Damage from collisions 
  • a failed MOT Test  
  • a broken car engine 
  • Brakes stopped working. 
  • a broken transmission 
  • Repairs that are too expensive 


However, there are some advantages to getting rid of your car that you should keep in mind.

As an example: 


  • Buying a new car and replacing your old one. 
  • Making better use of available parking. 



Scrapping can be daunting if it's your first time dealing with it for any of these reasons. 




Will Scrapping My Car Have An Effect On The Environment? 



It's a popular misconception that when you scrap your car, it's crushed, turned into a cube, and the metal is melted to make other cars; however, the process is far more complex. Scrapping cars has a balanced impact, while removing cars with dangerous emission levels from the road is good for the environment, recycling those vehicles requires energy. 


However, just because a vehicle has reached the end of its useful life does not imply it must be demolished; its various parts may still be valuable. When this occurs, the pieces are sold and utilised as replacements for someone else's vehicle, rather than going through the process of consuming energy to melt the vehicle.


When scrapping a vehicle, the scrapyard should consider various factors, as different pieces must be reused in different ways. Fluids such as coolants, oils, and fuels, for example, will be recycled differently than the batteries. All of the scrap yards, waste and recycling sites with which we deal with are Authorised Treatment Facilities, which means that the recycling and scrapping of cars adheres to government guidelines for doing so in an ecologically friendly manner.