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Get a quote with Car Buying Solutions, we will pay up to £500 For Scrap Cars. 

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Scrapping My Car 


Did you know, many years ago, scrapping a car was a task everyone wanted to avoid! You had to search through the yellow pages for the best scrap car price, making up to 15 phone calls just for the price! Then you had to arrange to get the car to your local scrap yard, which was a nightmare on its own!


This is why we have created CarBuyingSolutions online. We have bridged the gap for people looking to scrap a car in Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey. 



Free Scrap Car Collection 


At CBS, we understand the importance of a good quality scrap car collection service. That's why we give all of our customer's quotes online that include free collection as standard. The price you get from us is guaranteed for seven days, and as long as no parts are missing, we guarantee to pay you the price you get on screen. Simple! 


Instant Car Scrapping Quote 


Getting the best price for scrap cars is not always easy, and that's why we tailor every scrap car quote to each customer's vehicle. Many companies connect with the DVLA and pay you based on the weight of your car. We don't! We believe that giving you the best scrap car price just from your registration number is impossible that's why when you request a value for your vehicle, it goes straight through to a human who checks the engine number if it's running if it's damaged. From this, we can determine how much of the vehicle we can recycle before scrapping. 



Cars are part of the family. You share many great memories with them, give them names and spend a fortune keeping them going once they get older. We can give you a free instant quote for your four wheeled friends. You could use the money for the new insurance policy you've set up on your new car or put it towards that personalised registration number for your birthday! Whatever the reason you're considering scrapping a car, CBS can value your vehicle instantly. 


Scrap Car Recycling 


Recycling a car helps the environment. That washing machine in your kitchen probably came from a recycled car, the rubber play mats in children's playgrounds? Yep, they come from recycled rubber and plastics too! You get paid for your old car, and you are helping the environment too! Recycling a vehicle not only helps the environment but also helps your bank balance too.


Scrapping My Car Online 


We know what customers want. They want the best scrap car prices online. You want a company that offers the best prices with free collection and good customer service too sounds easy. It's quite a task to get a company in this industry to tick all the boxes. 


CBS has been scrapping cars and vans since 1994, so we've seen it all, which is why we believe that our scrap car collection service offers everything above! Lots of companies claim to provide the best prices for scrap cars but are it true? Not always.


If you are lucky enough to find a company that quote you the best scrap price for your vehicle, make sure you check the small print, most of these have a clause that will charge you up to £100 for collection! CBS don't have any hidden charges or fee's the price you get offered by us for your scrap car is guaranteed. 



Companies Who Buy Scrap Cars 


Like CBS, there are 1000's of companies out there that buy scrap cars, so what makes us better than the rest? 


We register your vehicle as scrapped with the DVLA. 


We notify the DVLA that your vehicle has been scrapped with a registered ATF (authorised treatment facility) 


We complete your registration document (v5c) 


We completed the v5c/3 for your vehicle with you. If our recovery driver has a signal in your area, they will complete it online for you, which is instant. This also instantly cancels your road tax, and DVLA will automatically issue a refund for any money owed! NICE! 


We Offer Free Collection 24/7 


Yep! You heard it right. Please take advantage of our 24/7 scrap vehicle collection service. We collect vehicles 24/7, which makes it easier for you to get rid of your car. You won't need to take time off work and wait all day. You won't find another company who will collect your vehicle at a time that we will. 


Best Scrap Price For Your Car 


If you don't believe us give us a try, our prices are checked daily against other car recycling companies who buy scrap vehicles. You can find us on Google Business (instant live chat) or call our friendly team, who can value your car instantly. 

If you still have any questions about scrapping a car, please check our scrap FAQ page. You can find out what to do with your car insurance or how to keep your cherished registration number. 
To sell your car, please visit our
SELL MY CAR quote page! 

If your thinking of scrapping your car locally let us give you a quote. 


We guarantee all of our prices aslong as your vehicle is complete with no missing parts. 


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