About us at Car Buying Solutions

A family run business with the passion to grow, expand and deliver excellent customer service to our customers. 

About Car Buying Solutions

Car Buying Solutions was established in 1994 to combat the ever growing scrap car market. A family run business which was originally started in the early 90's when you had to pay to have a vehicle scrapped! We fill the gaps in how our parent company can offer our customers the ultimate car buying service! Our business is built on a passion to grow and expand with knowledge and expertise  which serves the local community, local car dealerships, scrap yards and local authorities. We are extremely passionate about what we do and aim to give you the best car scrapping experience. 

  • Best Scrap Car Prices

  • Guaranteed Scrap Car Prices 

  • Instant Scrap Car Quotes 

  • Instant Payments 

  • Flexible Scrap Car Collection Times 

  • Late Night and Weekend Scrap Car Collections 

A Scrap Car Buying Service That Puts You First


It's not just about the money, we aim to give you a great scrap car price topped with an amazing service. 


Call: 03301 229829

Why Choose Us


We have the ultimate car buying service.


Quote Software 

We use the most modern, high tech and upto-date vehicle quoting platform available on the market to give our customers reliable and consistent prices. 


Registered ATF

All of our vehicles go to a registered ATF where your vehicle is disposed of legally inline with the Governments guidlines to protect the environment. 


Best Price

We regularly check our prices with our competitors to make sure we are one step ahead. Don't forget our prices are guaranteed and we won't haggle on arrival. 


Quick Support

You might never need it but we have a highly trained team to assist you with 


DVLA Tax Refunds 

V5C Questions 

Certificate Of Destruction 

Plate Retention 

Our Management

The managers of our company have more experience than anyone in the scrap car industry.

Richard Ward

Hampshire Fleet Servicing for our Trucks, Forklifts and Cranes 

Robert Gordon

Depolution Manager making sure your vehicles are recycled correctly.

Joshua Castro

Depolution Director this is Roberts boss, he over sees that all operations are correctly operating in regards to waste removal from site, and the correct disposal of fluids through various chanels.  

Bobby Coleman

Site Engineer - Bobby deals with our ever expanding fleet of cranes and forklifts.