Scrap My Car FAQ's



Is my collection Covid safe?

When I scrap my car, what should I do with my car insurance?

My insurance company has requested a certificate of destruction.

Is it necessary to notify the DVLA when I scrap my car?

When I scrap my car, am I able to keep my private number plate?

How is an ELV (End-of-Life Vehicle) defined?

What is the definition of an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility)?

How do I claim a refund for unused road tax?

Is it possible to scrap a car that is not registered in the United Kingdom?

Can you come and get my car if it's full of rubbish?

What is a COD, otherwise known as a Certificate of Destruction?

What is the purpose of a waste carrier's licence?

Is it possible to scrap my car without a V5C?

What is the purpose of needing a utility bill or proof of address?

Do I need to complete any paperwork when scrapping?

What am I going to do with my V5C log book?

What documentation do I require in order to scrap my car?

Without a title, am I able to scrap my car?


Will you haggle over the payment?

Why am I unable to receive payment in cash?

How will I be paid?


Is it possible for you to pick up my scrap car while I'm at work?
When will my scrap car be picked up?
Is it okay if I drop the car off?