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Frequently Asked Questions On How To Scrap A Car

FAQs on how to scrap a car


how to scrap a car


Have you got questions about scrapping your car? It's something we do only a few times in our life, so unless you're in the know scrapping a car can be a stressful task.


When you search online, you will find many companies offering you the same service, and it can take time to choose what company to collect your scrap car from you. 


So how do you decide what company to use? 


Before we get onto the typical scrap car frequently asked questions, let us give you a couple of golden rules when arranging collection. 


Check out the company's reviews - Scrap car collection companies are the same as all industries. You get good ones and bad ones.

A common issue is that the quoted price gets haggled down when they arrive.


If you check the reviews online, you will see how they handled previous customer collections. When checking most online review platforms, you can enter the search "payment", and it will highlight any review that mentions the transaction information.


Ask if the price is guaranteed: If it isn't guaranteed, then this is usually a good indicator that the price will drop when they arrive. Most companies honour the price for seven days even if it falls. It's your money, so don't let the Cowboys take it away. 


Now that's out the way, let's get onto the common frequently asked questions. 


How Do I Scrap My Car For The Most Money? 


The price for scrap cars depends on the scrap metal markets worldwide. Getting the best price is all about the right timing.


You can check scrap car prices daily and see how the prices are doing. From our experience, the prices of scrap cars usually get higher towards the end of the year, lower in January - March, and then fluctuate throughout.


Month on month, you won't usually see any more than a £10 difference unless the demand outweighs the supply significantly. 


Should I Try To Sell My Car Or Scrap It?


Selling a car is a great way to get more money. Advert fees are expensive. You have to deal with tyre kickers, time wasters and answering questions you've already written in your advert. Still, you could sit on the car for a few months waiting for the right buyer. 


When you scrap a car, it's simple, you agree on the price, arrange collection and get paid, but the downside is that you will get less than the market value. If there is nothing wrong with your car and it's just in the way, we offer a better-than-scrap valuation service to pay you a better price for your old vehicle. 



What is the process of scrapping a car? 


Starting from the top, scrapping a car involves getting a quote first. Enter your vehicle registration number. We'll provide you with a scrap car price. This service is free and without obligation.


If you are still looking for a better price, let us know. We'll ask a few more questions to see if we can increase the price.


Suppose you are happy with your scrap car quote. In that case, all you need to do is arrange a time and day for collection, we usually aim to give you a 1-hour time frame, but depending on traffic or other things out of our control, it might only sometimes be possible.


Lastly, when the recovery vehicle arrives, and you've shown your photo id and a utility bill, our collection driver will fill out your log book and process your payment.


You must inform the DVLA online that you've scrapped your car. Once the vehicle arrives at our Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), we can depollute it and issue you a certificate of destruction (COD).


When you complete your V5C online, your unused road tax will be refunded.


Can I get cash for my scrap car? 


When the scrap metal dealers act got introduced in 2013, we could no longer pay cash. All authorised treatment facilities and scrap metal dealers must ask for id and proof of address before processing payment. Acceptable forms of I.D. include your driving licence or passport.


All scrap vehicles should be paid for by bank transfer, cheque or refund to your debit or credit card. When a company collects your car, they shouldn't pay you in cash. This means they aren't registered scrap metal dealers, which could leave the registered keeper liable for fines and points for speeding or parking offences.


Do I need to cancel my instance when I scrap my car? 


Yes, but wait to cancel it until your car is off the highway. Some insurance companies will waive the cancellation fees if you provide them with a certificate of destruction.


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