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So you've got to this stage and are now searching for how to notify the DVLA of scrapping your car. 


Let Car Buying Solutions go through these questions with you and help you get the answers you want. 


Below is the list of the most frequently asked questions for SCRAP MY CAR DVLA. 



Scrap my car

• Tell DVLA sold car

• Car scrapper

• DVLA Swansea address

• Logbook car

• DVLA bought a car

• Scrap Vehicle






Scrap My Car 


When the sad day comes, and you've got to scrap your old car, it can be daunting to wonder how you will get the job done. Luckily our scrap my car page is dedicated to giving you all the information you need on how to scrap a car. 


Tell DVLA Sold Car


If you are at this stage, then that's excellent news. If you need to let DVLA know you've sold or scrapped your car, you will need your current registration document, the vehicle registration number and the document reference number. You can input the details onto the SOLD MY CAR DVLA page. Doing this will swap vehicle ownership instantly and cancel the road tax. 


Car Scrapper 


A car scrapper is companies like us that buy vehicles for their scrap and recycling value. It's no longer legal to buy a scrap car for cash, and anyone doing so is probably not registered with the local council. Many car scrappers like Car Buying Solutions want to buy your vehicle online. Make sure you do your homework on any company that wants to buy your scrap vehicle for cash. 


DVLA Swansea address


Don't panic if you see "Unable To Find Vehicle Record." when scrapping or selling a vehicle. You might be unable to do this online. Sometimes, the V5C gets changed or updated, which changes the document reference number, meaning the one you're holding might not be the most recent. 


The address for DVLA is




SA99 1BD


Logbook Car 


A car Logbook is what makes you legally responsible for any vehicle. You can find all the information on our What Is A Logbook page. 


Dismantler meaning


A vehicle dismantler is a person or company that takes parts from a vehicle and sells them to customers who require a part to fix their car. Parts recycling is good for the environment. Good parts from broken vehicles help keep existing cars on the road, which reduces our carbon footprint! 


DVLA bought a car


So you are wondering what you need to do when you've just bought a new car. Luckily for you, the previous keeper is responsible for letting the DVLA know, and all you need is the NEW KEEPER slip (green section). The new keeper slip allows you to tax your car online 24/7. 


If you have the new keeper slip, a new V5C is free. A good rule is making sure your new keeper slip is filed just in case your new V5C doesn't arrive. A trip to the post office without the new keeper slip will cost you £25. 




Scrap Vehicle


A scrap vehicle is defined as a car no longer fit for purpose. But that's not always accurate check out our SCRAP VEHICLE section to find out more.



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