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Get A Quote For Your Scrap Vauxhall.

Scrap My Vauxhall



Is your Vauxhall written off, has it failed its MOT, or has it become too expensive to run? Perhaps your personal circumstances have changed unexpectedly, or you want to upgrade your vehicle to a newer model. 


Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your Vauxhall but unable to do so through a dealership or other means, scrapping your vehicle is a dependable, safe, and convenient option. 


Car Buying Solutions will assist you in selling your car to the most suitable scrap or salvage buyer and ensure you receive the best price for your old Vauxhall using our trusted network of buyers and a price guarantee. 


We've outlined the many factors that could influence how much your Vauxhall is worth when it's scrapped to help you make an informed decision about its future fate.


What makes you think I should Scrap my Vauxhall? 


There are a variety of reasons why people scrap their cars. Perhaps your financial situation has changed and your current vehicle's operating costs are too high, or the vehicle has been written off in an accident. 

Alternatively, you may have had an unexpected change in your personal circumstances, or you may have discovered that your car is unsafe to drive and need a quick and convenient solution. 


Maybe your Vauxhall has reached the end of its useful life and you're having problems with it? Cars that become older, less fuel efficient, and less reliable result in higher operating costs, prompting many people to scrap them for cash. We'll make sure you get the best price for your car by using our trusted network of buyers – just enter your postcode and registration number to see how much you could get for your scrap car.



What factors influence the scrap value of my Vauxhall? 


Several factors will influence the price you receive for your scrap Vauxhall when you receive a quote: 


  • Your vehicle's weight (the most significant factor) 
  • Model of your Vauxhall
  • Your Vauxhall's Age 
  • The car's condition before it was scrapped



My Vauxhall is far too nice to scrap – what should I do now?



While scrapping your Vauxhall is a convenient and dependable option, it is not your only choice. 

If your Vauxhall is in too good of condition to scrap, you can also earn money by selling it to one of our reputable salvage buyers. A salvage buyer will take your vehicle and dismantle it into individual components that will be resold or used to assist in the repair of other vehicles. 


You will still receive the best guaranteed quote from our trusted network of buyers, and you will receive the same unmatched service from us regardless of whether you scrap or sell your car for salvage, including our free collection service.


Our simple process eliminates the need to adhere to the terms and conditions of a scrappage scheme.



The main difference between a Vauxhall scrappage scheme and scrapping your Vauxhall car with a buyer or Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) through Car Buying Solutions is the method of payment for your scrap car. 


The money you receive under Vauxhall's scrappage scheme must be used to purchase a new Vauxhall model from a selection of vehicles. You will be unable to use the funds for anything else, including the purchase of another vehicle not manufactured by this manufacturer.


With Car Buying Solutions, you can recycle your Vauxhall.


Not only will you receive an instant quote for your Vauxhall via our convenient quote tool, but the quote will also be free of any hidden fees or charges, ensuring that the price you are quoted is the exact amount you will receive if you accept the offer. 


Additionally, you will have the option of utilising our Scrap Car Collection service, which will transport your scrap car completely free of charge to the location of your chosen ATF. And, unlike with Vauxhall's scrappage scheme, you are free to spend the money however you wish. 


If you're looking to scrap your old Vauxhall, contact us today; our team will gladly assist you.