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Get A Quote For Your Scrap Car.

Scrap My Fiat

Here at Car Buying Solutions, we collect and scrap Fiats from locations across Hampshire and West Sussex, offering the very best prices in the industry.

If you’ve been struggling to sell your car, aren’t sure what to do with it, or if repairs are proving too expensive and uneconomical, get in touch with our experienced and professional team today.

It couldn’t be easier to scrap your car. All you have to do is provide us with some information, such as your vehicle registration, and we’ll be able to send you out a free, no obligation quote for the scrap value of the car.

Upon acceptance of the price, we’ll arrange a time that’s convenient for you to come and pick the vehicle up - all free of charge.

All collected vehicles are then taken for scrap to a licensed authorised treatment facility. By choosing Car Buying Solutions to scrap your car, you are guaranteed that it will be scrapped at a registered ATF, licensed by the Environment Agency. This ensures that all cars are recycled properly and any fluids disposed of correctly to protect the natural environment.

Working with registered ATFs means you know the vehicle will be destroyed correctly and will be taken off the DVLA database. These are the only sites that are able to supply you with a certificate of destruction, as well.


Car scrappage involves the removal of valuable parts that have the potential to be salvaged or reused, while hazardous parts such as the air bags, fuel tanks and batteries are all removed. After the oil, fuel and tyres are removed, as well as the catalytic converter if there is one, the vehicle is then crushed and recycled.


Car Buying Solutions is an experienced, trusted and professional car scrapping agency, providing our clients with a quick, efficient and friendly service.

If you’re happy with the price you’ve been quoted for car scrappage, get in touch with the team today to discuss arranging a collection time. We give all our clients a one-hour time window for when we’ll arrive, so there’s no hanging around waiting for us and you’ll know
exactly when to expect us.


All paperwork will be taken care of on your behalf upon collection of the vehicle, with payment transferred immediately into your bank account. At this point, we’ll load the vehicle onto our transporter and take it back to the site.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the services we provide, get in touch with the Car Buying Solutions team today to discuss your requirements.

scrap my Fiat