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Scrap My Dacia

scrap my Dacia



Everything you need to know about scrapping my Dacia 


Whether you have too much wear and tear on your Dacia, a small amount of damage, or are simply struggling to find the best deal for your car, the number of options available for selling your vehicle can be overwhelming. We are here to lend a helping hand to ensure you find the best option for selling your vehicle. We discuss scrapping as a viable option, as well as the most common reasons for scrapping a Dacia, as well as the various programmes available and how they affect the value of your car. Additionally, we will walk you through our Scrap Car Collection process and provide you with an instant quote for your Dacia. 



Dacias are commonly discarded for a variety of reasons. 

Occasionally, you may find yourself in a situation where you no longer require a car for travel, where you need to free up some extra funds, or where you simply want to upgrade your wheels. If you have a Dacia that you would like to get rid of but are having trouble selling it through the normal channels or are finding that arranging the transactions is too much hassle, you can scrap your vehicle and earn money to put towards a new vehicle. Similarly, if your Dacia has sustained a few dings and scratches or is no longer roadworthy, we have hundreds of salvage experts on hand to purchase your vehicle and dismantle it for parts that can be resold or used again in other vehicles. 



What factors influence the scrap value of my Dacia? 

Because there are so many used cars on the market, how well your vehicle performs will be determined by a variety of factors. In addition to the fact that Dacia already offers some of the most affordable vehicles on the market, it is important to consider how much you paid for your vehicle as well as its condition, how many miles it is been driven, and an unlikely factor – the colour of the car. 


If you would like to learn more about the various factors in greater depth, as well as what you can do to get a better value for your Dacia, we have written a blog post on the subject that you can read here. 



Comparison of the scrap value of a Dacia 


Just to give you an idea of how different Dacia models compare to one another, we have listed a few of the models we have scrapped, along with the differences in value between the models and colours. Given the fact that scrap vehicle prices can fluctuate as a result of the constantly changing market, we have displayed the possible amounts in percentages; these figures represent how much that particular model would fetch if scrapped, when compared to the average price of Dacia vehicles when scrapped. 



What should I do now that my Dacia is too good to scrap? 

There are other options available if you believe your Dacia is too good to scrap. If you believe your car is too good to scrap, you can still make money by selling it to Car Buying Solutions. We have a network of reputable salvage buyers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry at their disposal. So, instead of scrapping your Dacia, experts will disassemble it for parts that can be resold or repurposed in other vehicles. You will still receive the best quote and the same excellent service, and you will not have to worry about a thing! 



Scheme for scrapping Dacia vehicles 

The Dacia Duster comes with a scrappage programme that allows customers to trade-in and scrap their older vehicle in exchange for a new Dacia Duster. The fact that this is the exact car you want to move onto is a great advantage, but it is less advantageous if you are looking for other options. Due to the generous allowance of up to £1,000 (including VAT) combined with Dacia's existing range of generous four-year PCP or HP finance offers, which include a significant deposit contribution of up to £1,250 on a brand-new Duster and a free five-year warranty, this scheme does represent excellent value for money. 


In contrast, if you are looking for more options, perhaps because you are unsure of the next car you would like, or perhaps you would like to spend the money on something completely different from a car, Car Buying Solutions is a straightforward solution for scrapping your vehicle and receiving immediate cash, without the hassle of searching for buyers and the best deals. We can provide you with an instant quote for your Dacia and pick it up from your location at no additional cost – it is that simple! 


Is there no Dacia to be scrapped? We will scrap any make or model of car or van. 



Car Buying Solutions will buy your Dacia and recycle it. 


Get in touch with us today and we will assist you in obtaining the best price for your Dacia vehicle. To get an instant quote and find out how much your car could be worth, visit this page

Alternatively, you can call our team on 03301 229829 or fill out our instant online quote form.