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Scrap My Citroen 

scrap my Citroen



So that sad time has come! You're looking at the options to get rid of your old Citroen, maybe you've tried selling it, or it's stopped running, and you need to scrap it. Whatever the reason, Car Buying Solutions has you covered. 


Most importantly, you want to get the most money for scrapping your Citroen, and we are here to give you the best scrap price for your Citroen.



How Much Is My Scrap Citroen Worth?  


Prices change daily for scrap vehicles so we can give you a rough guide here, but for an accurate quote, please use our instant scrap car quote form. 


On average, a Citroen vehicle fetches £260.00 in scrap, which is a reasonable price. Still, that figure is based on all the Citroen models people have scrapped, not just a particular model, so let us break it down into individual models. 


  • First on our list is the Popular Citroen C1, based on Toyota's Aygo. These little cars are well known for their reliability, but like anything mechanical can break and be too costly to repair. 
  • A Citroen C1 averagely gets £165 scrap. 
  • Next is the Citroen C2, on average, gets £180 scrap. 
  • The C3 comes in at £188 on average. 
  • The C4 fetches £250 at its lowest point. 
  • The Xsara Picasso comes in at £340 for Petrol and £288 for Diesel.
  • The C5 comes in at £300 on average. 
  • The C6 is a rare car, so we don't have an average but based on weight, the C6 would come in at £470.
  • The significant people carrier C8 mainly made up of fibreglass, is £347 on average.
  • The later DS models fetch salvage prices due to their age which can vary from £600 - £6000.  



If you want a more accurate price, please fill out our Instant Quote Form for a precise scrap price. All the prices above are based on an average and are heavily influenced by the scrap car price rises and drops over the past 12 months. 


Where Can I Scrap My Citroen? 


Right here with Car Buying Solutions! You don't need to worry about the stress of getting your car down to our local scrap yard. We will collect your scrap Citroen for free.  


Best Scrap My Citroen Prices In Hampshire and West Sussex


We at Car Buying Solutions are a well-established scrap car collection company that works closely with some of the UK's largest scrap metal recycling companies. We use our close relationships with recycling companies to give you the best scrap car prices, meaning your scrap Citroen will probably fetch more with us than any other local scrap car collection company. Why not find out here by entering your vehicle details? We will give you a free, no-obligation scrap car quote. 


If you are happy with the scrap quote for your Citroen, then all you need to do is arrange a suitable time and day for us to collect it. 


What are you waiting for? Let us quote you happy for your Scrap Citroen.