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It doesn't matter if your BMW has been crash damaged, written off, failed it's MOT or you just fancy a new car, you might be wondering what to do with it now. Selling or scrapping it might just add the top up of money for your new motor. 


No matter the reason, if you have a BMW that you would like to sell or scrap and can't sell it through the regular channels, such as online or through a dealership, you can scrap or sell your vehicle to Scrap My Old Car and make money for your new purchase. 


While there are a number of factors that influence how your old BMW will be scrapped, we've made sure to include everything you will need to know right here, so you can make your decision based on the facts. 

Common Reasons You Might Want For Scrapping A BMW 


You might want to scrap a BMW for many reasons. It could be down to personal circumstances, such as a change in needs for the vehicle or maybe your financial situation has changed, or conditional circumstances such as accidents or breakdowns.


Your BMW could of just reached the end of it's life or the MPG you were once getting on your motorway commute is too low now your sitting in the rush hour traffic in the city, these are all valid reasons if your thinking of selling or scrapping your car to make some money.


Even if there is no damage or performance issues with your BMW that doesn't mean you can't scrap it. Maybe you have moved and no longer need the car or maybe it's an old car that you kept meaning to fix but never got round to it, it might even be a second car that's taking up a valuable parking space and the neighbours are complaining.


No matter the reason you can get a competetive price from Scrap My Old Car. We offer the best scrap car prices and can make scrapping your BMW quick, easy and hassle free. Just enter your vehicle details here Scrap My BMW


What affects a BMW's Scrap Value? 

The price you get when you scrap your BMW will be affected by a few different factors, the weight, the age, the model, the condition, and any damage it has received at the time of scrapping. The weight of your BMW is the most important factor which is based on the model (E.g 520/320/530) 


BMW Scrap Value

Here we will look at the Different BMW models that have been scrapped here at Scrap My Old Car. The prices of scrap vehicles go up and down frequently due to market changes.

Here are some examples of what your scrap BMW could be worth with us. 


BMW 116i - Non Running - Damaged -  £194

BMW 120d - Running - No Damage - £693 

BMW 320 - Non Running - No Damage - £183

BMW 330 - Running - Damaged - £227 

BMW 540 - Running - No Damage - £802

BMW 530 - Non Running - Write Off - £332

BMW 635 - Running - No Damage - £1960 

BMW 640 - Running - No Damage - £950

BMW 740d - Running - No Damage - High mileage - £3300 

BMW 728 - Running - No Damage - £202

*Information above are vehicles purchased from Septempter 2018 - January 2020. Prices are a guide based on the current market prices for vehicles*