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How To Scrap Your Car 

how to scrap your car

Your trusty old banger has finally given up the ghost. It's time to get rid of it and free up some space and cash. But how are you supposed to scrap your car? The process is easy, and we are going to show you how. 

How Do I Scrap My Car For Cash?

Scrapping your car is a simple task. In the early years, you often had to pay a scrap yard to take your vehicle away. 


Because of the increase in scrap metal value over the recent years getting rid of your scrap car now gets you money in your pocket! The exact amount you get paid depends on your vehicle, which you can read about in our scrap car value page. 


When scrapping your car, you need to be aware that scrapping it with an unlicensed company can land you with a fine of up to £1000 with the DVLA.


Car Buying Solutions only dispose of vehicles at registered ATF's (Authorised Treatment Facilities).


We notify the DVLA that your vehicle has been scrapped and issue you with a COD (certificate of destruction) we also fill out the V5C/3 section of your V5 and issue you with a collection receipt. 



What Paperwork Will I Need To Scrap My Car?

You don't need any paperwork to scrap a vehicle, but it makes it easier if your car is still taxed and want a refund. 


The Logbook (V5C) - Many places say you can't scrap a vehicle without the V5, but this is incorrect. When scrapping a car without a V5, we issue you with a collection receipt which is proof of collection. Secondly, we issue a certificate of destruction for the vehicle. All you then have to do without the V5 is send proof to DVLA Swansea with a covering letter explaining that your vehicle was scrapped with ourselves. 


A CoD (Certificate of Destruction) - This is a DVLA certificate that proves your car has been scrapped and the DVLA have been notified. We don't send these out by default, but if you call our office on 03301 229829, we can email it. 


Getting A Refund On Your Car Tax

You can now tell the DVLA you have scrapped your vehicle online with the document reference number on the V5C, if you have the V5C, this will automatically cancel the vehicle tax from the date you selected online.


If you don't have the V5C, you will need to send a covering letter with our collection receipt to DVLA Swansea who will cancel your road tax and issue any refund you are due upon receiving the letter. 


Getting A Scrap Car Valuation Online

The easiest option to scrap a car is with companies like us who specialise in purchasing vehicles for scrap. We offer you quotes based on the weight and extras your vehicle it has. 


All we ask when we collect your vehicle is it's; 


  • Free from rubbish or wood
  • Complete 
  • In an accessible location