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What Is A V5C Logbook & What Does It Do?

When you become the registered keeper of a vehicle, you’ll be issued with a paper document or logbook by the DVLA. This is the much talked about V5C!


This documentation contains the details of the vehicle and what is used to inform the DVLA of any developments, such as a change of address, change of name and when a car is bought by a new owner.


If you’re buying a car, always make sure that the vehicle you’re interested in has a registered owner and a V5C of its own. Always make sure you check the document over once you have decided to buy, as well, so you can make sure it’s genuine. Make note of the owner’s name and address, and tally up the details on the form with what you see on the car itself.


Top note: When buying a new or used car, make sure you tax it immediately or make a Statutory Off Road Notification, as any remaining tax from the previous owner won’t be carried over when you buy the vehicle and drive off.


You should receive your new V5C within four weeks maximum after buying a car, stating you as the new registered keeper of the vehicle.


It is also important to note that, although the logbook does state the name and address of the registered keeper, it cannot be used as evidence of legal car ownership.


Also be on the lookout for stolen V5Cs and make sure you check all the details carefully, as well as checking the serial number to ensure legitimacy - otherwise you could be purchasing a stolen vehicle, as well!


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