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Watch Out For Car Park Payment Scams!


Paying for goods and services using mobile technology is, of course, incredibly convenient but it does mean that you need to be on your guard in some instances because the move to cashless payments has also opened up more opportunities for fraudsters and criminals to take advantage


If you know you often use your phone or contactless technology to pay for parking when you’re out and about, for example, you may want to be vigilant next time you do so, as drivers have just been warned about car park scams with fake QR codes on display.


According to the Independent, increasing numbers of criminals are now targeting cashless payment systems in car parks in a bid to steal money and personal data.


Katherine Hart from Trading Standards explained that the scam is now on the rise, with younger generations of drivers targeted more frequently because they’re more likely to use phones to make payments.


Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, she said: “If in doubt, use the telephone number that should be displayed in a prominent place. Ask yourself whether the company actually needs your personal details.”


Other car park scams to be aware of include out of order signs on parking machines. Once the sign is installed, a so-called official appears in a high-vis jacket to encourage drivers to pay by cash for parking. Fake traffic warden scams also exist, where people are approached and instructed to use certain ticket machines… which then swallow your card.


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