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Top Tips For Driving In Snow


With all this wintry weather not really showing much sign of disappearing, staying safe on the road is an absolute must over the next few weeks or months. Challenging road conditions can increase your chances of having an accident so it’s important to make sure you’re properly prepared before setting off, even if it’s only on a short journey.


Before you hit the road, make sure you plan your trip carefully and stay up to date on all the latest traffic news so you can decide which route to take or even if you should go at all.


Give yourself more time to complete your journey than you typically would, so you can clear any snow or ice off your car and give the windows, mirrors and lights a good wipe down. If there’s any snow on the roof, make sure you clear it as well, as you could actually be breaking the law if you drive with snow on your car.


Checking your tyre depth is also advisable so you can make sure that they’re safe to use and don’t pose a health hazard to you or others. You could even consider changing to winter tyres, which have a deeper tread.


It can also be helpful to keep your car well stocked with everything you need in case of a breakdown, including a torch, a high-vis vest, a blanket, food and drink, phone charger, map, first aid kit, jump leads and so on. Making sure your phone is well charged before driving anywhere is also a great idea, just in case.


As for your actual driving technique, always accelerate gently and use low revs to avoid slipping and sliding. Using second gear as you set off can help reduce wheel slip. And make sure that you always maintain safe stopping distances between you and other cars so you have time to react if something happens.


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