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Time To Swap For Electric?


Electric cars have been increasingly in the news over recent years - and not just because one of the biggest makers of them is that eccentric chap who has just bought Twitter.


With growing evidence about the various effects of climate change, the need to curb emissions is clear - and transport has been central to this. A recent study by Aberdeen and Nottingham Trent Universities based on the potential impact on Scotland - extrapolated across the UK - indicated that if all UK cars went electric, emissions would be cut by 12 per cent.


That may be enough to make you want to scrap your car and replace it with an electric one right now, not least as the UK government has committed to banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2035.


However, some might argue that this is not yet practical and opt to carry on using petrol or diesel, despite the recent price increases at the pumps.


According to a Kwikfit survey, The most commonly cited reason for this view is the fear that there may not be enough electric vehicle charging infrastructure available. That raises the spectre of a car being stranded after running out of battery power miles from a charger.


However, the reality is much more favourable than that. The growth of charging points is proceeding with great speed.


In November 2020, the government published its initial strategy document for tackling the issue, with this being updated in March this year. In addition to the off-street chargers anyone with a driveway can have fitted, there is now a target for at least 300,000 chargers by 2030.


Deloitte estimated that up to £18 billion will need to be spent this decade on the infrastructure to support a mass conversion to electric vehicles. But it also noted that the industry seems very willing to stump up the cash.


For these reasons, it seems like the case to switch to electric sooner rather than later and send that obsolete gas-guzzler away to be scrapped is growing fast.