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Scrapping a car is more straightforward than selling a car

Scrapping a car is more straightforward than selling a car. 



If you've ever tried selling a car, it can be hard work; you have to deal with tyre kickers, hagglers and sometimes even scammers who try to get you to hand over the car while pretending they have sent you the money.


Selling Takes Time and Costs Money


If you're selling a car, getting any interest can take a long time. You must keep your insurance policy open if it's parked on the highway and pay the road tax too. Advertising on platforms such as Autotrader and eBay costs £25 every two weeks, so depending on how long it's listed, it can run into hundreds of pounds. Paying the tax and insurance can seriously decrease the amount you will receive for your car. 


Scrapping a car is straightforward. 


Scrapping a car is easy, especially with us. Car Buying Solutions has been scrapping vehicles since 1994, making us one of the longest-serving scrap car buyers in Hampshire.  


Scrapping Is Good For The Environment and Your Pocket


Did you know that scrapping is good for the environment? Every car you scrap with our company is recycled, and any parts we can re-use will be. We have relationships with companies that recycle 




Alloy Wheels



Brake Discs 


Catalytic Converters





Oil and Fuel 



Buying used benefits the environment, which is why Car Buying Solutions has built up a long list of recyclers who will buy, sell and repair used vehicle parts, so we're no longer manufacturing plastics unnecessarily. 


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