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Is Your Old Car Costing You Money?


It’s very easy to get attached to your car. After all, you spend a significant amount of time in it on the road and it represents freedom for you and your family, allowing you to get out and about exploring the world with ease.


But the older your car gets and the more miles on the clock, the more likely it is that it will start costing you more and more of your hard-earned cash. When this reality starts to bite, it’s simply only a matter of time before the vehicle becomes truly economical to run, no matter how much you love it.


It’s especially important at the moment to do all you can to keep driver costs down, given the price of fuel right now.


Research from CarGurus has just revealed that motorists’ monthly fuel bills are now £1.1 billion higher than they were a year ago - and nearly three in five drivers say that fuel economy is now a top priority when considering a replacement car.


An oft-cited reason for car scrappage is the fuel economy rate and it’s very common for drivers to get rid of older models that use a lot of fuel. Given how costly it is right now to fill the car up, if you do have an older vehicle that is starting to guzzle the gas, car scrappage could be the right path for you to take.


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