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How to Check My Car Is MOT'd

How to Check If My Car is MOT'd


The first step of the MOT test is to make sure that your car is roadworthy. Make sure that the lights work, and the horn is working. Check the tread depth of your tyres as well. If you see the wear bars level with the tread, your tyres are below legal limits, and you should change them before the MOT.


The government's website is a great place to check on the MOT expiry date of your car. You'll need to provide your car's registration number. This can be done free of charge. You can also sign up for their email reminder service. 


The MOT test is an annual safety inspection that ensures your car meets minimum road safety standards. This test is carried out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (formerly the Vehicle Standards Agency). It includes a range of tests on your car.


 Depending on your vehicle type, this test is important to ensure that it's roadworthy.


The test was originally introduced in the 1960s. The test was initially required for cars over ten years. It has been revised and expanded over the years, and the list of checks has become longer. The MOT test covers many vehicles, from small motorcycles under 200cc to the largest lorries.


While the MOT test does not determine the mechanical condition of your car, it serves as a reminder for you to check and service your vehicle regularly.


These maintenance procedures will ensure your car runs smoothly and safely. Failing to do so can lead to accidents or major failures. 

These faults can prevent you from driving until they're fixed.


If your vehicle doesn't have an MOT certificate, it may not be roadworthy, and your car insurance may not cover it. You can find your MOT centre HERE or search online for a local garage. Several national brands offer this service. 


If you're unsure where to find an MOT centre, consider requesting recommendations from people in your area.


Failing an MOT is dangerous and illegal. You'll need a pre-booked appointment at an MOT test centre to get it fixed. In addition to a hefty fine, you'll lose your road tax and risk losing your licence. It's also illegal to drive a car that has failed an MOT, so ensuring it has a certificate is essential.


If you have a car that's failed its MOT and you are looking to scrap it, get a scrap car quote.