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Is A Hybrid Car Right For Me?

Before you look into scrap car valuation, doing a little investigating into what your new vehicle could be can help streamline the process and ensure that you get back on the road sooner rather than later.


With the climate crisis deepening around us all the time, growing numbers are considering the possibilities of electric vehicles. It can be a little daunting making the full switch, however, so you could think about weaning yourself off petrol and diesel by opting for a hybrid make and model.


Hybrid cars combine a conventional petrol combustion engine and an electric motor, with the combustion engine charging the batteries and the electric motor helping whenever additional power is required, such as when you’re accelerating.


Fuel consumption is at its highest when you’re increasing speed, so a hybrid car can help you be more efficient on the road. Furthermore, car batteries are typically recharged using wasted energy from elsewhere, such as the kinetic energy created by braking. 


Automatic engine shutdown also happens at this point, which can save on fuel and slash your emissions.


Plug-in hybrids are another increasingly popular option, allowing you to charge your car battery using an electric outlet, whether that’s a public charge point or a three-pin socket installed somewhere on your premises.


One of the main benefits of a hybrid vehicle is that they’re more economical to run, using less fuel per mile than other conventional cars. This can help you cut back on costs, but if your batteries run out of juice on longer journeys you’ll resort to using the petrol engine and this will affect your fuel efficiency. 


As such, if you do a lot of driving, you may find it more energy efficient and cheaper to consider other options before you go for a hybrid. 

Also bear in mind that the cost of living crisis could make it more expensive to charge your batteries, so it’s always worth doing your research before deciding on a new car.