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How To Tell If Your Car Is A Write-Off


Having your car written off can be a real nuisance, especially if it means you’re left without a vehicle to get about in and if you have to spend money to have the situation resolved, whether that’s the cost of buying a new car, a hike in your insurance premiums or a drop in value of the written-off vehicle itself.


Your insurance company is the one that decides if the car in question is a write-off, but there are different categories that the vehicle can fall into - and this is what will determine whether or not it can be repaired or if it is indeed a write-off.


If your car falls into Category A, it means it’s considered beyond repair and, as such, scrappage would be the only option available to you. Category B, meanwhile, means that the car is either too old or too damaged for repair, but some of the parts can be salvaged to be used elsewhere. 


Category S means that the structure of the chassis is repairable, although the car will need to be re-registered before it can be driven again. And Category N means that the damage is non-structural and repairs can be carried out, although the car mustn’t be driven until the work is carried out.


If your insurance company does declare your car to be a write-off, you have the right to contest the decision. You can ask to keep the vehicle if you want, but make sure that you agree with the settlement amount offered by your insurer, which will be based on the current value of the car, rather than the amount you paid at point of purchase.


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