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How to scrap a car that won't start

scrap a car that won't start

How To Scrap A Car That Won't Start?


So you've got an old vehicle that's been sat up for a while, and now it won't start. Scrapping a non-running car is just as easy as scrapping a vehicle that runs and drives still. Companies like Car Buying Solutions can collect any car even if it doesn't run or roll. 


Can I Scrap My Car If It Won't Start? 


Yes, you can, we pay you based on the weight and not the condition, so it doesn't matter if the MOT has expired or it's been involved in an accident. We can collect your old car. 


Is The Scrap Price Less If My Car Won't Start? 


No, you will get the same scrap price for a vehicle if it runs. Car Buying Solutions offers free scrap car collection, so it doesn't matter. If your car is better than scrap, you can get a quote from our trade team, who will pay more for running and driving vehicles. 


How Can I Scrap My Car If It Won't Start? 


It used to be well known that you had to deliver your scrap car to a local scrap yard. 


If it didn't run, it could involve getting the tow rope out and getting whiplash every time you pulled away from a junction, but now it's so much easier. 


We offer free scrap car collection on any vehicle, even if it doesn't run. We are fully equipped to collect most vehicles, including cars that won't roll or have no wheels. 



If you're still unsure or have any questions about scrapping a car that won't run, call our freindly scrap car team on 03301 229829


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