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How To Save Fuel While Driving

With petrol prices soaring over the last few months, it’s never been more important to drive efficiently so you can conserve fuel and not have to hit the pump up again before you absolutely have to.


Efficient driving is also known as hypermiling or eco-driving and adopting this as a strategy whenever you’re behind the wheel could really help you stay on the road as cost-effectively as possible.


Of course, speed is one of the biggest factors that affects your fuel consumption, so if you know you do like to floor it from time to time, perhaps keeping the foot off the accelerator could prove particularly beneficial.


Regular servicing and maintenance can also help ensure your vehicle continues to operate efficiently, helping you with your fuel consumption even more. 


Turning off the AC is another little top tip, as pressing that button will use up engine power and drive your fuel consumption up. Heating the car up will have the same effect, so bear this in mind season by season.


Not using your AC during a heatwave could actually get you into trouble while driving, however, so factor this in, as well. Apparently, you could be in line for a £5,000 fine if you don’t have the AC on in a heatwave and you lose control of the car.


Driving style can also have an impact and if you know you stop and start a lot, you’ll find your fuel consumption might be quite high. Try to drive smoothly and keep a forward motion without loss of momentum if you can and you’ll be well on your way to hypermiling success!


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