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How To Reduce Your Car Insurance


Car insurance is one of those products that’s an absolute must-buy and there’s no getting around it, unfortunately… unless you’re happy with breaking the law and getting a fixed penalty notice of £300, six penalty points or even being disqualified from driving at all. Doesn’t really seem worth the risk, does it?


While you may grit your teeth at the expense of it, there are ways in which you can bring your insurance costs down, helping to make driving more affordable - and lots more fun as a result!


First of all, always make sure you know when it’s time to renew your policy. If you let it roll over automatically, you’ll find yourself paying way over the odds so always take the time to shop around and find a new policy that offers you the best rates.


You can also make a significant reduction if you limit how many miles you drive each year. This can be tricky to work out but if you use your car for fun rather than work, for example, you could put a limit on your mileage relatively easily, which makes you lower risk in the eyes of insurers so you can enjoy cheaper insurance as a result.


Another little trick of the trade is to consider putting an additional experienced driver on your policy, as this can bring your premiums down. Just make sure you’re honest about the main driver, however, or you may invalidate your policy altogether.


Interestingly, taking a driving course like Pass Plus is another way to bring your costs down. Some providers offer discounts on insurance if you’ve got one of these courses under your belt, particularly if you’re young and inexperienced behind the wheel.


Of course, these are just a few little hints and tricks and there are lots of other ways you can help drive down the costs of your insurance. So make sure you take your time and do what you can to make it all more affordable for you!


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