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Honda Civic E:HEV Named Car Of The Year 2023


In the market for a new make and model but can’t quite decide which vehicle to go for? The Honda Civic e:HEV could be just the car you’ve been looking for all this time, having just been named by Parkers as the Car of the Year 2023… but let’s take a look at just what makes this particular set of wheels so very good.


The Civic is now in its 11th generation and you know that continuous improvement to the car will have taken place over the years, with this model boasting hybrid technology to deliver amazing performance and excellent fuel consumption - which makes it a great choice for the current climate, with the cost of living crisis raging all around us.


It’s also a great choice for families since it comes with a lot of boot space and room at both the front and rear, so everyone should be able to travel in comfort to far-flung places without much bother at all.


Parkers itself rated the new Civic so highly because it provides the best of both worlds as a hybrid model, earning its stars by being powerful and nice to drive while prioritising efficiency.


Editor Keith Adams said: “Although the tide of electrification is rapidly gaining momentum, and increasingly excellent EVs are being launched on an almost daily basis, we’re more than happy to showcase a petrol hybrid as our Car of The Year.


“There’s still massive work to do when it comes to public charging, which if anything has taken a backward step in the past couple of years.”


Other models to consider if you’re looking for a new vehicle at the moment include the Toyota Aygo and the Honda Jazz, both of which have been highly rated by What Car? for their reliability.


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