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Common Car Issues During A Heatwave!


The Met Office has just extended an Amber Extreme heat warning for much of England and Wales this week and going on into early next week, as well… which, of course, is great news and no doubt we’re all looking forward to getting out and about in the sunshine.


But, for drivers, it’s important to make sure that your vehicle is fit for purpose and capable of withstanding hotter conditions - otherwise you could find yourself stranded, with a breakdown on your hands.


All sorts of issues can rear their ugly heads when the mercury rises, but here are some of the more common problems you are likely to encounter on the roads at the moment.




One big issue is overheating, since the engine will already generate a lot of heat all by itself. The engine cooling systems in the vehicle will be put under increasing pressure in hotter weather, as well. And if your car is on the older side, any engine seals that aren’t up to scratch could also cause damage to the vehicle.


Shortened battery life


Something else to bear in mind is that the car’s battery life can be affected during hot weather. Batteries are less able to hold a charge in hotter conditions, because the liquid electrolyte solution inside it can start to evaporate and this can lead to internal corrosion. Additionally, increased use of cooling systems can also drain the battery more quickly.


Damaged tyres

Inevitably, the roads will heat up when the sun bears down and your tyres will bear the brunt of this, so make sure you keep an eye on your tyre pressure to help prevent any damage. If your tyres are cracked or bald, it could be dangerous to continue to drive on them.


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