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Classic Cars… Soon To Be Electric!


Great news for all you classic car enthusiasts out there who love nothing more than heading out for a drive but who also want to do their bit to protect the planet… it seems that work is now underway in some quarters to turn our favourite classics into electric vehicles!


According to the Guardian, Australian startup Jaunt Motors has just merged with British firm Zero EV to create the Fellten brand, which will operate all over Australia, the UK and North America, converting classic cars in a big electrification drive.


Existing petrol vehicles will be converted by the new company, including Mini Coopers, Porsche 911s and both Land Rover and Land Rover Defender vehicles. It’s hoped that the move will drive interest in electric vehicles in Australia, with figures from September showing that just 3.39 per cent of new car sales in the country were electric.


Dave Budge, co-founder of Jaunt Motors, explained that it’s not just about converting more classic cars but also helping mechanics and car owners to switch to electric, as well.


He said: “We’re scaling up to deliver hundreds of units next year and beyond. And the biggest thing is awareness. Most people don’t know that this is even possible.”


It seems like there’s a growing trend for classic car conversions at the moment and, given that electrification brings with it all sorts of benefits, everything from less pollution and generally being cheaper to run, it’s likely that interest in this market will only increase as time goes on.


Certainly something to think about at any rate if you are looking for a new project to take on! And don’t forget, if you have an old vehicle you need to get rid of, you can always get in touch with us for scrap car valuation.