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Car Servicing During The Cost Of Living Crisis


An important part of car ownership is taking the vehicle for regular servicing so you can keep an eye on any potential problems and ensure that you can continue to drive safely. A service will ensure that your car continues to run as it should, saving you money over time since you can sort any issues out before they develop and become expensive to deal with.


However, with the cost of living crisis deepening around as time goes on, no doubt there are many motorists out there looking to cut back on spending wherever they can to help meet priority bills and keep head above water… and it seems that many are forgoing important car services as a way of keeping back some cash.


A recent survey from comparison site found that 64 per cent of drivers in the UK think their car will need repair work in the near future that they’re unable to afford with a recession just around the corner.


Driving with a faulty car can put yourself and others at risk on the road, so while it may seem like a good way to cut back, servicing will pay for itself in the long run and ensure that you are able to drive safely.

If you know that your vehicle is on its way out, you may also want to consider finding a local scrap car buyer, especially if you’re now finding that the cost of repairs is spiralling and the car is setting you back more and more. If it’s no longer cost-effective to maintain, it may be that scrappage is your best option.