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Can I Scrap My Car If I've Lost My Keys?

Can I Scrap My Car If I've Lost My Keys?


Are you worrying about scrapping a car with no keys? Have you had no luck with other scrap car collectors in your area? Don't let no keys be a scrap car deal-breaker, Read on to find out more


Losing keys is not only frustrating but can also be expensive, especially if it's the new car on your driveway. Let's face it. We've all managed it at least once. 


Luckily for you scrapping a car without keys is quite common. Car Buying Solutions can collect your scrap car without the keys, even if it's in a garage. 


Do I Need To Get New Keys Cut? 


No, all our scrap car collection drivers are equipped to get your scrap car loaded and gone. We require you to be home when we collect. Many scrap car collection companies will ask you to break the steering lock off at Car Buying Solutions. 


What Do I Need To Scrap My Car With No Keys? 


You will need your I.D, Proof of address and the V5C. 


Will Losing My Keys Affect My Scrap Car Price? 


In short, no, it won't! We will pay you the same price for your scrap car regardless of whether it has keys. The only factor affecting the price is the accessibility and if we need multiple drivers to collect the vehicle.