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50% Increase In Parking Fines, Study Finds


Taking care with where you park your car seems to be of increasing importance these days, with new research revealing a 50 per cent hike in parking fines in the last year or so… and with the cost of living crisis continuing to spiral out of control, being hit with a fine could prove disastrous at the moment.


DVLA analysis, reported on by the RAC, shows that there were a record 2.7 million tickets issued to hapless drivers by private companies between April and June 2022, up from the 1.8 million issued during the same period last year.


The government did try to crack down on poor practice in the private parking sector with its Private Parking Code of Practice, announced in February, but this is due to end following a consultation period… which means that the £50 cap on fines will not be implemented and, currently, the £100 limit is still in place.


Fines can be issued in places like city centres, shopping areas, tourist destinations and event spaces, but many private companies have been criticised for using confusing and misleading car park signage, as well as being accused of aggressive debt collection practices and unfair fees.


Nicholas Lyes, RAC head of roads policy, commented: “These figures clearly demonstrate why a new code of practice is so desperately needed, alongside a single independent appeals system.


“We also need the government to stand firm on introducing a £50 charge cap and a ban on unjustified debt recovery fees. It is totally unacceptable for the private parking industry to continue dragging its feet, which means too many motorists continue to be unfairly issued parking charge notices.”


You can, of course, appeal if you do get a parking ticket, although how to go about it will depend on the type of ticket you’ve been issued. If you are planning to appeal, don’t pay the ticket as making payment is seen as admitting that the ticket was fairly issued, so you won’t be able to appeal.


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