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4 Common Car Scrapping Myths


If you’ve never had to do it before, scrapping your car can seem like a very daunting prospect indeed. What do you do? Who do you turn to? What does the process involve?


To help you work it all out and potentially allay any fears you may have about it, here are a couple of car scrapping myths that we’re more than happy to debunk for you.


If, after reading them all, you still feel like you need some help or advice on how to scrap your van or car, get in touch with the Car Buying Solutions team today.


1. Car scrapping is bad for the environment


If you’ve heard this before, rest assured that it simply isn’t true. In fact, there are some environmental rewards you can gain through scrappage, such as the recycling of parts to be used in other products.


Every vehicle we collect is taken to a licensed authorised treatment facility and we guarantee that it will be scrapped at a registered site licensed by the Environment Agency. As such, you know your car will be recycled responsibly, with any fluids disposed of correctly to protect the environment.


2. Car scrap is expensive


The assumption is often made that taking your old vehicle to the scrapyard will cost you lots of money. This isn’t true, however, and you will likely find that you’re able to make money when you choose to scrap your car.


3. You can be paid in cash


No matter what you’ve heard and no matter how reliable the source of information seems to be, remember that it is illegal to receive payment in cash for scrapping your car. Transactions need to be fully compliant so as to ensure all scrap metal sales are traceable.


4. Working cars should never be scrapped


Just because your car is running doesn’t mean that it’s roadworthy and it may be safer and ultimately cheaper to scrap your car, even if it does still get you from A to B right now.