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3 Top Tips For Winter Driving


The weather has taken a turn for the chilly now, which means we all need to start taking extra care when out and about on the roads. 


Road conditions can be more challenging at this time of year and no one wants to break down or have an accident when it’s raining and snowy outside… so here are some top tips to help you stay safe while driving around at this time of year.


Plan before you leave


Giving yourself extra time for your journey is wise, so you can drive at a more leisurely pace and not speed up on dangerous road surfaces. 


Sticking to major roads can help, as they’re more likely to be gritted or cleared of snow. And always check the fuel levels in the car before you leave so you know you have enough to cover you if you’re faced with unexpected delays.


Stay visible


Poor visibility is more likely during winter, since the days are shorter and there’s more chance of inclement weather. Make sure all your car lights are working and that the lenses are clean and always use your headlights when visibility is reduced. Fog lights should be turned off when your visibility improves, or you run the risk of dazzling other motorists.


Check your tyres


At least 3mm of tread is recommended for your tyres in order to keep you safe as you drive. You can even get winter tyres that are made from a special type of rubber to give you better grip when it’s cold and wet out there.

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